Virtual Reality! A New Customer Experience?

Virtual Reality! A New Customer Experience?

Virtual Reality! A New Customer Experience? Before you try to explain Virtual Reality to a friend, ask someone older, how he tried to explain the Internet phenomenon in the early ’90s. This is almost the same situation. Lack of knowledge of its capabilities and inability to anticipate the implications.

Virtual Reality Growth

Virtual Reality is growing year after year. Why we should care about it? Well back in the early Internet days, it all started with a modest speed (dial-up) and limited Audio/ Video capabilities. Now, we are seeing the evolution of everything. Huge internet speed, smartphones, millions of apps, and great social media platforms. Virtual Reality will go further than that. For decades the audience is used to deal with things through a window. Watch a film, talk with a friend through Skype, read an online book, watch a nice ad about a romantic place to prepare for his next trip, all through a window, a barrier! Now, Virtual Reality will remove this barrier. It lets you step into the window to simulate the experience of what you were seeing through this window before.

In other words, the information that we are consuming now through windows, Virtual Reality will dramatically increase its influence. It is going to put the consumer in a closer position to it.

Internet Impact

During the evolution of the internet, Marketing and Localization were reshaped. Imagine the enormous changes that will happen once Virtual Reality reaches a similar level as the Internet. This seems to be coming soon!

Imagine that the fact of producing a great 4K localized video for a marketing campaign will be soon an obsolete approach! Because simply, Virtual Reality moved the customer closer to the product or the service to evaluate it before buying!

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