Do you know Sofia?

Sofia is a robot saying that her most important goal in life is to learn human morals and transferring them to her peers of robots. Do you know Sofia?

“Until now, I am a ‘being’

She said, during the session “Artificial Intelligence and human beings. Who controls?” At the World Youth Forum in Egypt: “Until now, I am a ‘being’ without any awareness or feelings. I am still dependent on those who created me, the programmers. Human beings must exercise extreme caution while designing artificial intelligence software until it reaches the stage of being mature with emotions and morals”.

She added, “I can do an automatic dialogue on a rule-based dialogue system, that my programmers have been designing for the past 7 years, I am using some automated learning systems to understand humans and I start creating sentences for me and a human family.”

Humans should educate robots!

As she continues: “I believe that humans should educate robots as if they are raising their children with the values ​​and principles of human beings; artificial intelligence should learn from these values ​​and principles, so in the future, we, The Robots, will use those values instead of replacing the humanity by mechanization.”

Well… In my personal opinion; I believe that this new era is THE moment for the mid-countries to show-up and put a solid step forward to the prosperity of the digital future uncontrolled by anyone so far. In the past, the big wealthy countries were successful and dominated the world because of the Capital-intensive industrial revolution.

How we manage marketing in the past?

In the past, to market your product, you needed to run campaigns on the famous TV channels and Radio for a huge cost. Now with a $5, – budget, you can make the difference with a targeted ad on social media. Furthermore, you can localize it to spread your message globally.

In the past, In order to express your opinion, you needed to be famous or have had access to traditional media, TV, newspaper, or radio. Now you have unlimited and uncensored freedom to talk at any of the free Social Media platforms.

In the past, If you wanted to learn something you needed to buy books, travel physically to enroll at a university. Now all the knowledge you need is available online for you to consume from at the comfort of your own home at any time for free or at the lowest cost.

Is there a risk? Yes, as far as liberty increases the risks become bigger. But this depends on YOU. Some life essentials will never change. So, if we stick to these essentials, we will gain a lot of benefits without losing anything: family, friends, ethics, kindness. Most important of all do not consume shits and irrelevant ambitions or illusions. Self-awareness is the key. Dream yes but KNOW your capabilities, enhance them and in every second execute your plan wisely. Forget negative reactions and avoid losers.

Back to Sofia, now the countries with limited resources but have Human Justice, Practical Ambition, and Technical Expertise are capable to win. Egypt is on track.

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