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Nowadays, brands must be able to communicate globally. So understanding the target market culture is as important as translating its content. The evolution of the Digitization and Neural Machine Learning provides a lot of opportunities but also competencies. For instance, a valid Digital Marketing approach must be able to understand the concepts of Internationalization, Localization, Content Management, Search Engines algorithms and rules, User Experiences (UX) best practices, etc… Therefore, you must be able to choose the appropriate Content Management System, Content Relation Management or E-Commerce Platforms in order to enforce your Digital presence globally. Omni-Channels are a must as well. Your brand must guarantee a perfect User Experience for its customers. So technically talking: Your brand must link its digital assets together.  

To clarify my journey it consists of mastering Information Technology, Globalization/ Internationalization and Localization engineering, e-Learning, Content System Management, and Digital Marketing. Because of all these different but close related services, I am now grouping all my expertise together to provide Agile Globalization Architecture Services for better User Experience

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