Certifications and Expertise

My Career

Starting my career as a passionate .Net Developer using Microsoft C#, Asp.Net, and MS SQL I got my first Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in 2001. In the IT industry, I worked as a Senior Software Engineer to Solution Architect. I got the opportunity to expand my IT development experience with localization (L10n) and Internationalization (i18n) engineering skills. And because of this decision, I started as a Localization Engineer to Global Solutions Architect up to Manager of Technical Delivery. During this time, I worked closely with the marketing and sales departments. Working together made me realize that there is a gap to be filled. After a lot of research on how to close this gap, I decided to expand my Expertise and Certifications and succeeded in adding a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing.

My Experience

Over the years I gained a lot of experience in how to use these mentioned sets of tools. At first sight, they seem very inconsistent. But in fact, in their interaction together they are achieving my clients’ goals. For example, to globalize Content Management System we need to use a variety of tools.

Applying Knowledge

So first, we need to understand the CMS from a technical perspective. We should have the knowledge of the programming language and the technical structure used here. We may need to use technical tools like Microsoft Visual Studio to apply localization best practices and develop plugins to automate the localization workflow.

Secondly, for localization, we need to use Translation CAT tools like SDL Trados Studio. Using these tools, we can customize settings to automate the preliminary engineering.

And in order to provide perfect User Experience; Digital Marketing methodologies helps to provide perfect localized content for the target audience. To reach the global market we need to deal with SEO tools like Google Analytics and other Digital Marketing instruments.

In conclusion, good knowledge and practical experience in these different study areas are crucial to providing a perfect Globalization Service for any client who wants to access the global markets.

My Vision

Now I lead a vision to use all of the above-mentioned expertise and combine them together. Wanting to create a better understanding of both; Companies’ Agile Transformation and Customer Experience processes.

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