Happy New Year to the Amazighs

Happy New Year for Amazighs

The people of the Amazighs celebrated today, Sunday, the beginning of the New Year, according to their Amazigh calendar. The Amazigh calendar differs from the Gregorian calendar. The Amazigh New Year coincides with the 12th of January every year. Today is the first day of a new decade: 2970 Year.

The Amazighs are one of the indigenous peoples that inhabited the North African region extending from the Siwa Oasis in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

The alphabet used by the Amazighs is called “Tifinagh“, and it is one of the oldest alphabets in the world and differs completely from the Arabic and Latin alphabet.

It was used for more than two thousand years BC by the inhabitants of the region in their original homeland, which extends from western ancient Egypt to the Canary Islands, and from the borders of the southern Mediterranean to the depths of the Sahara in Niger and Mali.

The Amazigh language belongs to the Afro-Asian family and is related to the ancient Egyptian and Ethiopian languages. There are different dialects, which have differences in pronunciation but have similar rules and vocabulary.

Despite the Arab-Islamic characterization of the areas in which they are present, and the disappearance of their language from official circulation, they have preserved their traditions, identity, and language from extinction.

It was revived by the Berbers in Algeria in the sixties of the last century by the Berber Academy, and over hundreds of years, the Berbers resisted the process of complete Arabization of their language and culture and kept them from disappearing despite the restriction of their use.

In Morocco, it was revived through the Royal Institute for the Amazigh Culture after the protests of the “February 20 Movement” in 2001, and although the Moroccan constitution stipulated the inclusion of the Amazigh as an official language eight years ago, the parliament approved its teaching in government institutions in stages to give it an official character.

Happy New Year for Amazighs

During my visit to Morocco, I got to meet with several of the Amazigh people. They are very friendly and welcome you into their houses. Share with you the most delicious and authentic food that you can eat. I want to wish all the Amazigh people a happy and blessed New Year.

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