Localization of Marketing Channels

Localization of Marketing Channels

The Localization of Marketing Channels is necessary for any Global Marketing strategy. As you aim to access an external market there will be additional conditions for a successful Global Marketing Strategy. A deep culture analysis is required to make sure your Brand Message is understood and welcomed by your target audience. You will need to have a clear vision about what is trending there, search habits, legalization, religions, habits, and other related market characteristics. Once you have a plan you can start customizing your Marketing channels based on that

What is Marketing Channel?

A Marketing Channel a way for a brand to communicate with its customers. This could be through a brand website, a physical store, Email, live chat, video, phone call or any other communication medium.

What is a Multi-channel approach?

A company uses multiple channels to spread their message about their brand. These channels are separated without any relation between them: it can deliver the same brand message across all the channels but can’t target the same consumers.

What is an Omni-channel approach?

Integrating separated channels together in order to provide a better user experience for your audience. Therefore, a user can switch easily between the channels of the brand without losing track of any previous interactions.

The above-mentioned definitions make it clear that the main difference between them is that Multi-channel focuses on their customer engagement. So by scaling channels to the maximum they can increase the number of people they would like to reach. On the other hand, Omni-channel is all about creating a consistent customer experience.

Comparison between both approaches.

Social Media networks
Multi-channel is channel focused. The main target is to
increase followers, likes, comments and shares.
Omni-channel is customer focused. Main target is to increase the engagement with people who interact with a brand to make sure they get a seamless experience regardless of what channel they are using.
Customer support service
A user can choose phone call to start a customer support request. In case the same user decides to use Email, he will need to start from scratch to explain his requestA customer can start a customer support request using one channel like phone and continue the same request using another channel like email without the need to start all over again.

Localization of Marketing Channels

From a localization perspective, the consistency of the translated content is crucial for Omni or Multi channels. But for Omni-Channel, User Experience satisfaction is mandatory and needs more than just accurate translations: The style, tone color, and UI design need also to be consistent. One of the good approaches to provide a better user experience for your customer is to apply agile localization management approaches while building your digital marketing strategy. Thus, your multilingual plans are overall consistent and cost-effective.

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