The Pharaohs Golden Parade

The Pharaohs Golden Parade

Today, the 3rd of April 2021, the whole world is waiting for the The Pharaohs Golden Parade at 6 PM CET. This unique event is receiving great global attention, as more than 60 countries in the world will broadcast the great event, through more than 400 TV channels around the world.

Ramses ll

Today, the mummies of Ramses II and 21 of his pharaohs companions will participate in what is called “The Pharaoh’s Golden Show.”

Source: CNN

The purpose of the show is to move the 18 kings and four queens of Egypt, along with their coffins and possessions, from their old home in the Egyptian Museum. They will be transported five kilometers south, to their new high-tech home at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC).

Royal Parade

At the Mummies Preservation Lab and Storage Room in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, a team of 48 people are preparing for the royal mummies. The preservation process includes placing each mummy in a nitrogen-free capsule that is free of oxygen, which can preserve them without being damaged. The capsule is surrounded by a soft material that distributes pressure and reduces vibrations during transportation.

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is a large museum in the ancient city of Fustat. The cornerstone was laid in 2002 to make this museum one of the most important and largest antiquities museums in the world, and it is the first museum to be devoted to the entirety of The Egyptian Civilization. Where more than 50 thousand artifacts will relate the stages of the development of civilization from the earliest times until the modern era.

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